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Hi There
I’m Prakesh Pandey, CEO at Mate's Education.

The world academic arena has become much competitive. The greed of pursuing highest quality academic excellence is increasing in the people who believe in the academics and its excellence. People wish to get admitted in best of the best universities in the world which has been a status symbol as well. We have witnessed the increasing desire of the students in our country for foreign studies. This is due to the globalization of the world which has made it much narrower making one and all know the specifications of every nook and corners of the world. People become well acquainted with what is happening in the world in a blink of time. This has made us all informed with what we want and where can we get it.

Your desire of studying abroad is the need of time and hence we appreciate your decision. Your decision of abroad studies would be resulting expected result provided the keenly prepared profile, good academic background, preference and experience you earned in any field. Your decision to study abroad might have been escalated by variety of reasons which could be the greed of academic proficiency, prospective career, sophisticated lifestyle or unconditional independence. Whatever be the driving factor, the desire would get resultant provided the proper guidance by an experienced and intimate counselor. The guidelines from such counselor for pursuing international degrees would be a path maker if you have whole heartedly planned for abroad studies. The core thing is setting the objectives of study keeping in notice the key issues viz. the available courses, eligibility conditions, projected outcomes, course duration, academic content, cost and detailed plan for meeting the living and study expenses. These all information would be easily available to you if you come in contact of a righteous counselor who would possess following characteristics:

  • Who would give value for money but would not be money minded.
  • Should be able to respond to all the enquiries with positivity.
  • Should understand the profile, preference and background of the students.
  • Should be capable of providing relevant information with accuracy in comprehensive manner.
  • Should be ethical, consistent, reliable, impartial, fair and would stick within application rules when it comes to rendering help for making decisions about the future of students.
  • Should assure quality of rendered service.
  • Should have good communication skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Should have the capability of understanding and making others understand regarding the core issues.