Our Mission Vision

Mates has set its vision to dedicate its services to counsel students regarding abroad studies and test preparation classes. The satisfaction of the students after the achievement of pursued career and the grin of contentment garnered by their parents is the mission of our institution rendering such reliable service. Besides, the vision of the institution can be presented in the following points:

  • Promoting healthful futuristic relation with the concerned universities and colleges has always been a priority of our institution.
  • Recognition as a trust-worthy institution is what we work for day and night.
  • To work as a catalyst for raising the living standard of the students pursuing higher education through the colleges we are affiliated to.
  • Our mission is to help students develop international level quality education which could be utilized for the upliftment of the status of the country. Hence we tend to engrave the feeling of nationality deep in the heart of the people in contact.
  • To help develop the country developing the human resource has always been a subject of importance for us. Hence the priority of our service rendering is not just sending students abroad for quality education but welcoming them back home after attainment of international level degree.

Our Objectives

  • To assist the students with prospects in helping pursue higher education in foreign countries guided by the legal framework set by the government of Nepal.
  • To create a liaison between the students and international institutions and to help them achieve their targeted goal.
  • To provide comprehensive information and suggestions to the students through our personal and organizational expertise in accordance to the personal profile details.
  • To ascertain the provision of quality service to the service seekers.
  • To create employment opportunities to the prospective students helping for the generation of revenue for the country.
  • To make sure the truthfulness, genuineness and reliability of the assurances made by the educational institutions in relation to the information given to the students.
  • To counsel the students regarding the socio economic perspectives of different aspects in relation to the balance between the selected course and quality attainment.