Counselling-Abroad Study & Migration

We do not use jargons, we do not bit around the bush and we definitely do not tell you what you like to hear all the time – which simply means, we do not show you the wrong hope.

Abroad Study Plan or Migrating the whole family or just yourself as a professional in certain area is not just a geographical transition. Going for abroad study or migrating to the new country for a job or business is almost similar to starting the New Life, at least for until the duration of your stay.  So, to begin with, we value your decision because your decision about abroad study or migration is perhaps the most important decision of your life. 

Our education counsellors are perhaps the best abroad study counsellors in the whole country. Most of them have either settled in abroad and set up our international offices or some of them have returned to Nepal for good and sharing their own experiences of abroad study, the learning experience and their decision of returning back to their home country. We have a registered Migration Advisor based in Australia itself who will never authorise your personal or impulsive decision to migrate to Australia if your Migration Process is gonna go in vain. We make sure in the very beginning if you deserve to migrate to Australia or not, regardless of you liking us or disliking us. Like we said, we definitely do not tell the things that you always like to hear but we certainly make sure that when we say the fact, it will be beneficial if you listen to us.

Hence, when you come to any office of Mates International – Education & Visa Services, we would be more than happy to assist you and listen to you more than we tell you in the beginning. Do your research or the homework and when come to visit us, ask us as many questions as you want. Perhaps, there are answers within your own questions! We wish you good luck for your future endeavours. 

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