Your Enrolment Process

“I want to study abroad because my cousin and a friend did the same!”

Really? Is that why you want to study abroad? 

If you want to ‘study’ because your cousin or your friends are also studying, then it is good becasue at you least you want to study and that directly means you want to pursue ‘education.’ 

But if you say you want to ‘study abroad’ because someone close to you, has been studying abroad or if you say you are willing to study in Australia or Canada or any other specific country because your kin or your accquantances are doing the same, then here is our advice: cancel the plan and review than again. The decision of you going to study abroad doesn’t have to depend on who else from your family or your village or district has gone to the same country. Perhaps, your aspiration is different from the people you know have gone for abroad study. Perhaps their academic background is different, the financial background, or say, the personal attributes, behaviour, the attitude to adaptability of new culture is different. As a human being, we all have some kind of uniqueness in our perception, willingness and our attitude. But, having said all this, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong to choose the destination where your close-ones have chosen to go. In fact, that could be helpful in many ways. But, your preference of choosing abroad study plan should be based on the followings:

  • What is your academic background?
  • What is your aspiration from your academic background? 
  • Do you wish to study same subject / faculty in the same country? If yes, why?
  • What is the financial background of your parents? How much do they earn?
  • What is their expectation from you?
  • Have you discussed your abroad study plan with your parents? Are they happy?
  • What is your Post-Study plan? Return back to Nepal or Settle back there?
  • If you want to settle, have you understood the further routes?
  • Last but not the least, do you want us to ask you more questions with right answers? 

Visit our office. We are located in your town, too. Or just drop your query through our consultation form. We will tell you the factual stories about various countries, courses, cities, towns from different perspectives. 

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